Wholesome Listen: Knuckle Puck – “Wait”

There’s something incredible about bands evolving each step they take and that’s the case for pop-punkers Knuckle Puck. They dropped their sophomore record Shapeshifter a couple of days ago and there’s a fuller sound brought by the young and ambitious band. While the pop-punk genre seems stagnating, the outfit from Chicago, Illinois stand on their two feet with banger songs left, right and centre and this is evident from the number “Wait”.

It’s an atmospheric offering, provided by loud and airy guitar riffs with a ballad feel to it. It’s sad, raw and opens up a story of unrequited love or grieving the loss of a person. The lyric “you always did feel just like home” will resonate you some way or another, keeping you in check with your own memories and thoughts of a person you’ve somehow disconnected with but always constantly think about.

Shapeshifter is out now via Rise Records

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