Feel the levels of attraction in joan’s newest single, “magnetic”

American synth-pop duo joan are making our hearts sing again and it’s because of their new tune “magentic”, which was released today. The outfit have been making waves and have a very loyal fanbase, showering them with so much praise on YouTube as they release track-after-track.

“magnetic” is another one for the hopeless romantics out there. It’s about not being able to move on because you’re still hung up by that one person who has stolen your heart, no matter where you are. From its flowery pop beats and synths, it describes the situation so perfectly and will make you feel swooned.

We’re not too sure if a new record is in the works but we’ve been loving every song joan have released so far. In 2018, they released their debut EP titled porta and it included some incredible tracks like, “love somebody like you” and “tokyo”.

If you’re a fan of LANY or The Band CAMINO, you’ll definitely fall in love with joan.

Watch their music video for “magnetic” below.

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