Wholesome Listen: Glass Tides – “Forever”

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Miller 

Cancer is a disease that affects many people around the world. To even write that is a tragedy in itself, seeing a loved one wither away from something beyond their control. Sometimes, the only way to heal is to write a song and coming across Adelaide band Glass Tides and their song “Forever” represents a whole new level of strength.

Resonating a smooth alternative rock sound with some atmospheric vibes (think Emarosa or The Used), the four-piece showcase integrity in their art by writing something that means so much to them. “Forever” is an honest depiction of mustering up all the strength in the world to be there for someone you care about suffering from cancer. However, deep down inside, it’s killing you to see their pain and preparing for the inevitable goodbyes.

The lyrics, “I’ll stand by you, when you’re going under” is a simple and kind gesture in the chorus, putting forward the kind of simplicity you need to hear when it comes to seeking comfort in your darkest days. Paul Bakker’s raspy vocals add so much life to the track and you can tell how pain-stricken they are. The song is so emotional and powerful, you can’t help but feel teary about the situation. It’s the kind of song you’d want to listen to when everything has hit rock bottom and you just need something to clear the air.

“Forever” is taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP Thoughts. It releases on November 15.

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