Pop Goes Punk: Check Out Our Last Night’s Slick Cover of Marshmello’s (ft. Khalid) “Silence”

Post-hardcore band Our Last Night have recently uploaded a new cover of Marshmello’s (ft. Khalid) fiery new single, “Silence”. The four-piece have been actively releasing covers throughout the year, including Logic’s “1800-273-8255” and Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” They released their EP Selective Hearing in June this year, containing singles such as “Ivory Tower” and “Tongue Tied”.

While there are no talks of writing a new album, the band seem to enjoy doing these covers, having a bit of an outlet that creatively energises them.

Anyways, we love the post-hardcore/alternative twist they’ve done with “Silence”. What song should they cover next?

Selective Hearing is out now

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