Wholesome Listen: The Gospel Youth – “Kids”

It’s becoming clear that Rise Records are becoming more open to their usual roster of bands – take The Gospel Youth for example: a fine-looking and talented band already climbing the ranks when it comes to the genre of pop punk/pop rock. I love how their sound is reminiscent of bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Divided By Friday. The effortless energy, the balanced instrumentation and the easy listening vibes are the perfect trio when describing their music.

Their debut album, Always Lose, came out in July of this year and “Kids” is a solid track that blooms pop rock elements to the table. The lyrics showcase young love – that moment when you’re a teenager and everything seems so clear. You escape somewhere far away with someone you love, sharing some special moments with each other. In this context, some may think you’re both crazy, but in the end, nothing else matters as long as you have each other. The sentiments of this song are generous and will guarantee to make your heart melt a little.

Always Lose is out now via Rise Records 

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