Album Review: Sleep On It – Overexposed


For Fans of: Go Radio, The Dangerous Summer, The Starting Line 

A week has passed since the release of Sleep On It’s debut album Overexposed and it’s taken a while to penny our thoughts on this release. It’s been quite a journey for this band, already signing to Equal Vision Records as well as working from the ground up, balancing day jobs and schedules just to make this band work. It’s tough stuff being in band – not many people realise how much time, money and dedication goes towards a release. It’s clear that up-and-comers Sleep On It have worked on Overexposed tirelessly, writing on themes about loss, self-identity and relationships.

We all carry emotional baggage and it’s clear that this album was meant to document all those thoughts and feelings carried by the band. From the first track to the last, you’re mesmerised by the pop-punk anthems this five-piece come up with. They’re talent is undeniable when it comes to hearing their cool guitar riffs, fresh drums and authenticity in each song. It’s no surprise that the pop-punk scene have been filled up by generic bands, but Sleep On It aren’t that band at all. They’re a unique voice in music, passing on hope, love and support to those that need it.

Starting the album on a strong note, “A New Way Home” is greeted by electric guitars and Zech Pluister’s emotive yet strong vocals. It’s a great opening track, blazing with pop-punk goodness all the way through. Besides that, there are also some solid tracks that emphasise the band’s signature pop punk sound –  “Hope” and “Fireworks”.

However, don’t be fooled if you think Sleep On It offer just fun tunes for the road. It get’s sentimental further down the track. Songs like “Window” give you perspective on loss and that’s when you truly see the insights on vulnerability the five-piece offer. Listening to “Photobooth” also adds that authentic touch, bringing out strong influences from Go Radio especially. Not only are the band in tune to their pop-punk side, but they have a fierce alternative rock side too. It’s evident that they’ve taken care of how this album was meant to turn out; a finished product that would resonate with thousands of people around the globe.

Overall, Sleep On It are a bunch of talented dudes effortlessly getting better at their craft. Since the release of their third EP Lost Along The Way, it’s clear that this five-piece are saying important things in their music to make people feel less alone. Building on their instincts, talent and integrity are all things that come to mind when it comes to this band and Overexposed is a gift that culminates all their achievements into one. They have an exciting journey ahead of them and we couldn’t be prouder.

Overexposed is out now through Equal Vision Records / Rude Records 

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