Wholesome Listen: Pale Waves – “New Year’s Eve”

Photo Credit: Niall Lea

If you’re a fan of Paramore and The 1975, you’re going to love Pale Waves! The four-piece band from Manchester, UK have been quite the buzz in the indie rock scene, dropping The 1975-produced single, “There’s A Honey” in April this year. While Pale Waves has been claimed as the next ‘indie-pop sensation’ by critics, you can tell how much fresh energy they bring to the table with their newest single, “New Year’s Eve.”

With its lonesome lyrics and the yearning-for-love undertones, it’s a simple song with direct lyrics. Heather Baron-Gracie has some gorgeous vocals too and the funky vibes make this track a solid listen. It’s no lie that New Year’s Eve can be a lonesome time for people who are single and this song is relatable for that time of year. Definitely a great song to listen to when you manage to catch those New Year’s Eve blues!

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