Glass Tides: The Journey of Being Raw and Real On ‘Thoughts’ EP

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Miller 

Glass Tides are a four-piece band from Adelaide resonating the sounds of The Used and Emarosa. Already garnering around 40k views on their latest single, “Forever”, it’s no surprise that the outfit have connected listeners around the globe with their emotionally stunning material. Matters of the heart are important to lead vocalist Paul Bakker and he shares with us details about the band’s upcoming debut EP Thoughts, the impact of writing music and what he hopes listeners will gain from the new release.

Could you tell us about the background of Glass Tides and where it all began?

Glass Tides pretty much started in my bedroom. Over the last two years, I had accumulated a whole bunch of songs and lyrics that I had written for myself. I got to a bit of a low point in my life where I really had no other way to express myself. So, I locked the door and put together five songs that really helped me get over some hurdles in my life.

Since the release of your debut single “Forever” on Dreambound, it’s received such positive responses from people. How do you feel about finally releasing your debut EP Thoughts?

Yeah, I was absolutely shocked by the response we received! I never had any intention of releasing these songs, so when I finally built up the courage to do it, it was amazing to have so many people connect with “Forever”.

I’m really looking forward to releasing the EP – it feels like a weight off my shoulders by putting it out into the world.

“I just hope that people can respect and relate to the songs.”

The song itself is very emotional and honest in its words. How did writing this song affect you?

I wanted “Forever” to be real, raw and emotional. I always connect with songs when you can feel the raw emotion of the vocalist and the lyrics. Losing close family members is a horrible thing.

What is your EP Thoughts about and does it follow a particular theme?

Thoughts is about everything that I’ve been through in the last two years, from losing loved ones to being cheated on and just low points in life. I am the kind of person to sit on certain thoughts and let them build and build in my head until I come up with a ridiculous outcome. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and just remember who you are.

I noticed you’re in another band called Stansbury. What keeps you motivated when it comes to working on different music projects?

Being able to record all the songs at my home studio makes it a lot easier I think. Whenever I have an idea, I can just run to my room and lay it down. Listening to other music and seeing live shows definitely motivates me to write. Also, when traumatic things happen in my life, I express myself through music and lyrics.

The main influences for Glass Tides that come to mind are Emarosa and The Used. Are there any other bands that you’re heavily influenced by?

Absolutely love Emarosa and The UsedI was listening to a lot of old school Saosin while writing some of these songs, and I have always been a huge fan of Bring Me The Horizon as well.

What are you hoping listeners gain from Thoughts once it comes out?

I just hope that people can respect and relate to the songs. I also hope that people going through tough times realise that there is always someone to talk to and help you through whatever it is. You’re not alone.

Thoughts releases on November 15. Be sure to follow Glass Tides on Facebook and Instagram for more band updates! 

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