Wholesome Listen: NF – “Let You Down”

Photo Credit: Jon Taylor Sweet 

Discovering new music through YouTube is my favourite thing to do and the fact I stumbled upon rapper NF’s (Nathan John Feuerstein) “Let You Down” was a blessing in disguise. The 26-year-old rapper has been making waves lately and you could say he’s a quiet achiever. While NF has released three records in his career, he has done very little press to promote his music. Many have either discovered him online or through word-of-mouth and considering his lyrics touch on topics like relationships, his life and reputation, NF’s rapping style can be compared to the likes of Logic and Eminem.

Generally a private person, NF’s “Let You Down” reveals the dying relationship he has with his father. Although he has not publicly spoken about what this song means to him, it’s self-explanatory how damaging it was for him to get his father’s approval every time and how it affected his self-esteem. The piano used in the beginning adds a contemporary feel combined with some fantastic beats. You can’t help but feel emotional about this song, but it’s also provided a sense of healing and acceptance for the rapper. You can also appreciate NF’s fantastic vocals in this song too.

Perception is out now through Capitol CMG 

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