Wholesome Listen: Olivia O’Brien – “Tequilawine”

You may have heard Olivia’s angelic vocals on the rad collab track with gnash, “i hate u, i love u”. With millions of plays done up on YouTube and Spotify, it’s no surprise that O’Brien has stepped up as an artist. While O’Brien is only eighteen years old, this young lady has accomplished so much in the last two years and releasing her first EP, It’s Not That Deep, is relevant to her fiery, goddess-like Pop music, running on themes of love, relationships and breakups.

Having such captivating vocals as well as a simple coolness to her character, “Tequilawine” is one of those relevant songs you listen to when you’re pining for someone you know has unreturned feelings for you. So, your only solution is to pour a shot of tequila and keep pouring until you’re drunk and numb. Sometimes the partying and the alcohol aren’t enough to cover up the chaos of human feelings.

It’s Not That Deep is out now through Island Records

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