EP Review: Glass Tides – ‘Thoughts’


For Fans of: The Used, Emarosa, Bring Me The Horizon

Thoughts is the first EP by alternative rock band Glass Tides. To say the release has been a success is a total understatement and it’s impressive to see this four-piece from Adelaide make the most of what they have. Not only are they strong in their sound  – it’s become an outlet for lead singer Paul Bakker to let go of the past and renew these feelings into something grand; that is, to create music inviting listeners to know that hope is not all lost and we will one day make it through the end of the tunnel, embracing the light that shines on us. Considering the mixture of influences Glass Tides have, it’s amazing to see them shine in their own unique sound. With cool riffs, anthemic numbers and strong, emotive lyrics, Thoughts is a solid, collaborative release that offers comfort during your darkest days.

While the band have distinctive influences from Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, Thoughts blossoms the character of the four-piece into a cohesive body of work. Weighing in the intense lyrics and the emotional ground these songs have, Thoughts grasps the intensity of emotions all humans have experienced in their lifetime. Their lead single “Forever” documents the loss of a loved one through cancer and it forms a sense of escape for anyone grieving the loss of someone, whether through the disease or not. It’s atmospheric and worthy of a tune, captivating listeners with its incredible musicianship and compelling words.

“Weighing Down” is the opposite of slow-paced, blooming into intense, electric riffs complemented by its honest lyrics. It lets out a cry of frustrations that the person you used to care for doesn’t matter anymore and you don’t want to let them know. It dips into the punk field while also touching on some emo subtleties. “Alone” is an intimate closing track, unveiling a soft yet powerful edge to Glass Tides, nurturing a calming atmosphere that can be appreciated by any listener. Though it starts a little slow, the chorus becomes another powerful segway into the band and given the chemistry of the band, it’s a humbling finale to the EP.

Whether you’re having a bad day or you just want to spend some moments in solitude, Thoughts is a package deal of complex emotions, heartwrenching lyrics and an opportunity to heal in a unique way. The songs all have a purpose and you’ll find yourself escaping reality sooner than you think. As much as the truth hurts, listening to Thoughts is about letting go and finally setting yourself free from the past and that’s something to look forward to from this new chapter of Glass Tides.

Thoughts is out now

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