Video Rewind: ONE OK ROCK Invite A Thousand Young Adults To Sing “We Are” On Stage

Photo Credit: Grizzlee Martin

It’s no doubt that Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK have had a stellar run in their career so far. Signing to Fueled By Ramen as well as releasing their eighth record Ambitions this year, it’s good to know that they’re inspiring young people around the world with their breathtaking and anthemic music.

Earlier this year, the NHK program aired a special video of the band in early January for The 18-Year Olds Festival. The four-piece invited a thousand people between the ages of 17-19 on stage to sing with the band and do a special take on their incredible single, “We Are.” In order to be picked, individuals had to send a video depicting the talents they had to share with the world.

Frontman Taka Moriuchi did an inspiring speech prior to their performance – think of it as like an awesome pep talk for the next generation of young adults.

He says, “There’s one thing I’d like to say, and that is, you are no longer children. In my view, I trust that you are all fine adults. The world we live in also contains far too many foolish people, no matter how much they age.”

He continues, “Meanwhile, there are many enthusiastic individuals that are out there, with an incredible ability to think, even though they’re considered underage. Each and everyone one of us are filled with all kinds of emotions such as sense of excitement, guilt, justice, etc. To live by the motto of being honest with one’s feelings is something I cherish the most.”

Truth be told, Taka is filled with wisdom beyond his years. You’ve been warned that this video might make you teary-eyed by the end of it. It’s a beautiful video that reminds us to cherish our talents and to never give up on the things we believe in.

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