Wholesome Listen: Aquilo – “You Won’t Know Where You Stand”

English musical duo Aquilo have been making a mark in the indie scene, with their goosebump tunes that blend a perfect balance of electronic and pop. It’s no surprise that they’ve been capturing the attention of listeners worldwide, tapping into their emotive lyrics and graceful approach to their sound. “You Won’t Know Where You Stand” was a single released by the act earlier this year, taken from their debut album Silhouettes. It is part of a video trilogy that highlights the relationship between an ice skater and a coach. You see their relationship blossom in the video but in the end, there are external factors in their lives that drive them apart.

“The two of us will always have a soft spot for this song. We were both in relationships that spanned the making of the album, which was probably three or four years. Throughout, there were ups and downs and changes to our lifestyles that really shook us up at points,” the duo explained.

“Being told you’re changing as a person from the people that really know you can often be hard to accept. ‘There’s a road we choose and a friend we lose/ it looks like I’m changing.’  A good friend of ours who we really look up to sat us down and told us straight. We went home that day and made this song.”

Silhouettes is out now through Island Records 

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