5 Christmas Jams That Will You Get You Amped For This Holiday Season

We can’t believe that Christmas time is almost here! With the stress of shopping for gifts, wrapping them up and hoping that your family or friends will love them can be overwhelming for some of us. Sometimes, all we need is to unwind and listen to some Christmas songs and we’ve curated some of our faves that we hope you enjoy in your own time!

Yellowcard – “Christmas Lights”

After going to five Yellowcard shows this year, I’m having withdrawals. Band breakups hurt like hell, but thankfully, we’ve gotten the gift of music and this tune has always given us life. The chorus to this is beautiful and it just sounds so magical from start to finish. The drums and the violin just add a unique touch to this. If only it snowed in Australia, it would be the perfect tune to listen to while seeing the snow fall!

Issues – “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” (Cover)

We can’t believe this cover song is four years old and boy did Issues do this tune justice! We love Tyler Carter’s smooth vocals on this one and the great blend of metalcore/RnB instrumentals. It has such a groovy beat that it will guarantee for some inevitable head bops… You’ll be singing “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” on repeat and it’d be this version, not the original song by N*SYNC!

Fall Out Boy – “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out”

This song just brings some nostalgic vibes, seriously. “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out” is basically a big f-you to an ex and how your salting all the wounds this holiday season. Though it has a Christmas feel, Fall Out Boy brings a raw, acoustic vibe to this and the lyrics are far from happy. I remember listening to this and feeling that heartbreak – it’s honestly one of the best songs. Despite how bitter it sounds, it’s one of my go-to songs during Christmas.

The Maine – “Ho Ho, Hopefully”

This song is just super cute. Of course, we had to chuck in a love song as part of the mix. The Maine have come a long way since the release of this video, which was five years ago. Time flies but this song is still a decent acoustic tune to listen to when you wanna feel loved up/lowkey missing that special someone.

My Chemical Romance – “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

This a decent cover by My Chemical Romance and it takes the annoying Mariah Carey song for a total rock n’ roll spin. Though the band have parted ways, fans are still hoping they do a reunion of some sort and tbh, same. We love Gerard’s vocals on this and the track is filled with those hard rock riffs we’ve totally missed. A fantastic rock jam to play this season!

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