Wholesome Listen: Boys of Fall – “No Good For Me”

Boys of Fall are the newest addition to the InVogue Records roster – joining some bands dabbling in all sub-genres of rock. Having some pop-punk influences from All Time Low, The Cab and Mayday Parade, you can also hear some A Day To Remember vibes to the mix. “No Good For Me” is a catchy number that graces the pop elements that make the five-piece from Detroit, Michigan a standout.

It’s perfectly balanced with Michael Martenson’s vocals, having a similar vocal range to artists like Alex DeLeon (The Cab) and Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set). Older fans have mentioned that they miss the band’s heavier sound, but this pop-rock sound is just them evolving; “No Good For Me” is the type of track you’ll repeat for days! The five-piece will be releasing a new EP in early 2018 and we can’t wait to jam to it.

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