Wholesome Mixtape: May 4 Edition

With some countries easing restrictions for their citizens, it’s during these weird times we become appreciative of the things we took for granted, like going outside for some fresh air or catching up with a friend over a warm cup of coffee.

This week’s Wholesome Mixtape shines on the latest tunes by some of the most incredible artists, reminding us that even though we’re alone for now, art is what’s keeping us together.

HAIM – “I Know Alone”

HAIM have been shaking up a storm with their newest track, “I Know Alone”. From the cool and hip choreography in their music video to the 80s inspired pop synths, these sisters have soul when it comes to their music. According to Danielle Haim, “I Know Alone” was written prior to the pandemic and she said via an Instagram post that “it has kind of taken on a new meaning.”

The song is basically about the moments where we “spiral” into loneliness. However, Danielle mentions that this number has taken on a different angle since COVID-19, making her “alone” ritual something she takes comfort in, despite its original intention of modern loneliness. We see the sisters practice “social distancing” as they do their choreography in the music video, making it more relevant than ever.

Mahalia – “BRB”

British RnB/Pop singer-songwriter Mahalia released her EP Isolation Tapes, last Friday and we just had to bang on about this new one, “BRB”. This is a sweet number and details a long-distance relationship and the feelings you get when you’re far apart from someone you love. The contemporary elements are so elegant and Mahalia’s silky vocals transition so beautifully.

It’s obvious that this song is relevant at a time where we’re all in “lockdown” and that the trend of virtual dating has us being far apart from those who make our hearts skip a beat. This one goes out to the ones struggling to make it work with their significant other when they’re worlds apart.

The Hunna – “Dark Times”

This song is the “black sheep” of this week’s Mixtape, but oooh boy, it’s electrifying. English rock band, The Hunna recently dropped their newest single, “Dark Times” and let’s just say it’s edgy and unapologetic.

The four-piece tell it how it is and aren’t afraid to write lyrics that take to their frustration and misery in the current state of the world. The electrifying instrumentals make the song so cohesive and atmospheric, making it the type of track you’d want to listen to when your voice feels unheard.

Kehlani – “F&MU”

Kehlani’s “F&MU” is steaming hot and the music video just says it all. The American singer-songwriter has a talent for writing songs with strong emotion and this track is a perfect example. It documents the messy relationship she has with a significant other.

While they seem to fight all the time, she looks forward to the crazy make up sex after. The RnB beats flourish in this one and creates a sensual atmosphere, wrapping Kehlani’s vocals so perfectly.

CHVRCHES – “Forever” (Separate But Together Version)

“Forever” is a track taken from CHVRCHES’ third studio album Love Is Dead and they took an interesting spin on it last month. This version has the band play to their devices separately but in hindsight, they are together when you hear all the elements in union. The band’s instruments sound more elevated as opposed to the synth-heavy original version, making it such a beautiful ode to quarantine.

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