Wholesome Mixtape: May 12 Edition

Things are looking up this week as restrictions around Australia are easing but don’t expect to have a brunch date with a group of your friends just yet (lol at the 10 people maximum capacity at cafes and restaurants in NSW). While we’re all reaching a stage of “normalcy” during these strange times, it’s important to remember the music that has kept us sane in quarantine.

So, this week’s edition of Wholesome Mixtape is filled with the hottest tunes from some of Australia’s talented artists and those around the world. Our featured pick for the week is The Dead Love with their catchy AF single, “My Friends”.

The Dead Love – “My Friends”

“I miss my friends and I miss how it used to be” is 2020’s tagline and a resounding lyric you’ll hear throughout The Dead Love’s newest track, “My Friends”. The Sydney indie/punk trio’s song is a friendly reminder that our Australian artists have had to hang up their instruments and postpone/cancel any upcoming tours they had planned for the last few months.

The track represents the withstanding camaraderie that is felt in the Australian music industry and we love the community spirit that is reflected upon the music video, with appearances from members of Columbus, Yours Truly and more. Understandably enough, we know how frustrating it may be for our artists to not be able to travel and see the world, building their fanbase through the authenticity of live shows.

Listening to this song is comforting and the heartwarming/fun music video gives us hope that our Australian artists will inevitably reunite once the chaos of the pandemic settles down.

Wafia – “Pick Me”

Wafia, Australia’s sweetheart and angel, dropped a pop banger last Wednesday that touches on the theme of self-love and we’re absolutely here for it. “Pick Me” is a pop delight and hits the sweet spots of catchiness and rhythm, however, the lyrics describes her love interest as someone that throws ultimatums, is controlling and has unreasonable standards on what she can/can’t do. Wafia owns this track and reclaims her power by singing out those three words: I pick me.

Kyden – “Say You Want”

If you’re a fan of Khalid, then you’ll be damned not to check out this new smooth talker that is making waves in the local pop scene, so best be quick to get acquainted with Kyden. We’ve been obsessed with the Sydney artist’s last single, “Make It Up To You” because it blossomed with perfect RnB and pop sensibilities. “Say You Want” is his newest baby and describes the falling out of a relationship. With its mellow beats and relatable lyrics, it’s a sweet lullaby for those cradling a broken heart.

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – “Stuck with U”

Pop sensations Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber dropped their wholesome new track, “Stuck With U” last Friday and let’s just say we’re thriving off the corny ass lyrics and its adorable music video. The song was specifically created for a fundraiser to benefit the First Responders Children’s Foundation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All net sales and streams of the single will fund grants and scholarships for children of those working at the front line, including healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers and firefighters.

Clinton Kane – “i don’t want to watch the world end with someone else”

Okay, it’s obvious that Clinton Kane’s main influence is Ed Sheeran but he isn’t a replica since he’s proven to the world that he’s just as talented and has incredible vocals to show for it.  For those that are getting acquainted with Kane, he’s a 21-year old Filipino-Norweigan musician who has built a strong following on YouTube, releasing cover songs of artists such as The Chainsmokers and Khalid.

We’re obsessed with his new single, “i don’t want to watch the world end with someone else” and it’s a gentle and heartfelt acoustic track that describes the yearning of that person who has stolen your heart, and you’d rather be with them than anybody else during a time where the world feels like it’s crashing down (aka this pandemic).

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