Wholesome Listen: Lauv – “Come Back Home”

The all-rounder musician who combines indie, pop and RnB, Ari Staprans Leff under the stage name Lauv is taking the world by storm with each track he drops. He re-uploaded his song “Come Back Home” (taken from his 2015 EP Lost In The Light) just recently and it’s filled with heartfelt lyrics about fleeing to another place but still constantly thinking about the one that you love and yearning to be back home. It’s a little cheesy but the airy atmosphere it brings to the table makes it an enjoyable listen. Not only that but Lauv consistently proves that the songs that he makes are honest and true to his emotions, which is why he is making waves among the indie scene.

In an interview with POND Magazine, he shares his thoughts on “Come Back Home” saying,

“I think one of the coolest for me to write and record was “Come Back Home.” It’s a little different. I felt like that was kind of the most beautiful moments whenever I was writing that song. It’s sonically a little bit different and a really perfect way to end the EP on a positive note and realise where your home is, where you belong.”

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