Album Review: Movements – Feel Something


For Fans of: La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, Brand New

When you come across something soul-binding, that’s when you stop searching. This is how you feel when you listen to Feel Something, the latest release from post-hardcore/emo band Movements. When I first stumbled upon “Nineteen” from their debut EP Outgrown Things, I was thoroughly impressed with the sound direction this band were approaching. Having clear influences from the likes of La Dispute and Pianos Become The Teeth, I loved how raw and fierce their music was.

The lyrics were honest and spoke the thoughts I was feeling in my head. It’s like they had access to my personal journal when they dropped truth bombs such as: “Success is not determined by leather bound books and ink on paper” and “Happiness is stability, but stability is not a desk job.” All my life as a creative, it’s been hammered into my head that studies are important and the only way to “succeed” in life. However, I’ve learnt along the way that success is subjective to each individual.

For a young band, Movements make you think about the tiny facets of what make your life. The memories you’ve carried with you growing up and the challenges you’ve managed to somehow tackle. Feel Something is a record that encourages you to mellow out and reflect while taking a long drive somewhere; forgetting about the mistakes you’ve made and still trying to figure shit out.

Starting the record right, “Full Circle” doesn’t sugarcoat anything and it’s completely descriptive of the suffering this individual is going through. There seems to be something pulling him back – a chronic illness that has prevented him to live a “normal” life and it makes him feel a little worn down. It’s so refreshing to hear the beautifully-stringed instrumentation in this song, with a calming essence brought by the drums, guitar and bass.

As you continue listening to the album, it’s consistent with the band’s message of just being true to your emotions. It’s in this state of vulnerability where we understand what Movements is portraying; they want to remind ourselves of humanity and the imperfect world we live in.

“Colorblind” criticises the mistakes we make and how sometimes we can’t learn from them, affecting the relationships we have with other people. The bass lines fit well and there’s an eerie atmosphere brought within the instrumentation. The melancholic lyrics are heartbreaking and lead singer Patrick Miranda hits the right notes in his vocals and screams – the airy riffs and post-rock elements complement the number quite well too.

The recurring theme of this album is depression and sometimes, when you’re in the position where your mental health isn’t the best, you start to question whether the illness is part of your identity. “The Grey” describes that grey area of feeling like yourself but at the same time, feeling like you could do better; where you can’t help but feel numb and miserable. Miranda screaming in this song is the wake-up call to just live and be honest with your emotions. To not feel as stone cold to the world anymore and embrace the pain that shapes you as a person.

Feel Something is a debut record that showcases the brilliance of the four-piece in their roots of post-hardcore/emo. For a first album, it’s intense with emotion and captures a young band filled with great insights and wisdom. It paints the picture that sometimes our emotions need to be felt in order for us to understand our purpose and to not be ashamed of our own vulnerability.

Feel Something is out now through Fearless Records 

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