Wholesome Listen: Marianas Trench – “Astoria”

Canadian rock band Marianas Trench are notable for their unique fusion of anthemic rock and pop genres – sort of like a modern day Queen. With remarkable energy and passion, the four-piece managed to release the official music video for title track “Astoria” (their fourth record has the same title) just less than a week ago. The lyrics are quite melancholic and reveal the writer’s struggles and demons they’ve had to battle.

What can be admired though is frontman Josh Ramsay’s visuals when it comes to a song. You can tell he writes from the heart and he doesn’t hesitate; it’s like he’s the director of his own movie. “Astoria” is a stunning 7-minute number, highlighting some perfect retro vibes and a dash of rock n’ roll attitude. Though it’s been two years since the release of this album, the band’s fanbase stays loyal, describing this song as a “nostalgic” journey for them.

The visuals in the music video are stunning and make us want to jump on a plane and visit Astoria, Oregon right now!

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